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Dentistry is one of the TOP Four jobs with the highest risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus at the workplace due to harmful Aerosol and Splatter during Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP).

Our Aerosol Management System The Genius Shield™ is your First Line of Defence against harmful Aerosol and Splatter to protect our Frontline Workers in the Dental Field.
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What is The Genius Shield™?

The Genius Shield™ is an Aerosol Management System utilizing a Shield-Suction combination.

The Genius Shield™ is used by Dentists and Dental Hygienists to control the spread of harmful Aerosol and Splatter during Aerosol-Generating Procedures.

It has a Transparent Protection Screen attached to the headrest of the dental chair using a Flexible arm.

The Genius Shield™ connects to the Chairside Dental suction.

The Flexible arm is easily adjustable to accommodate different working positions.

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How does The Genius Shield™ work?

Our Aerosol Management System, The Genius Shield™, protects Dental Health Care Professionals (DHCP) from harmful Aerosol and Splatter.

It creates a physical barrier (shield) between You and Your patient, blocking all Splatter and micro-droplets.

Using this Shield-Suction combination, The Genius Shield™ is able to effectively contain, capture, and remove harmful Aerosol and prevent its spread to the Dental treatment room.

Using The Genius Shield™ will give Dental Health Care Professionals one more layer of Safety when performing Aerosol-Generating Procedures (AGP).
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Aerosol Management System for Frontline Workers in dentistry.


Contains, captures and removes harmful Aerosol


Attaches to any dental chair using the existing chair side suction


Reduces the burn rate of PPE. Reduce settlement time

Registered with

Clinically Tested

The use of The Genius Shield™ with HVE was compared to HVE alone during AGP (aerosol generated procedures). Aerosol samples were collected using an aerosol bio sampler before, during, and after AGP procedures. More bacteria were induced in the air during AGP procedures to measure the effectiveness of The Genius Shield™ in combating aerosol leakage to the dental operatory.
- 80%
- 60%
- 40%
- 20%
Genius Shield™
- 80%
- 60%
- 40%
- 20%

Clinical Trial Results


The Genius Shield™ managed to block all splatter toward dental health care professionals.


When using The Genius Shield™, there was a significant drop in airborne pathogens compared to samples taken before the AGP procedure.


The Genius Shield™ allows for a significant reduction in fallow time between patients.

The Clear Choice

The Genius Shield™ Compared to Other Solutions

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "As the Office Manager at Aspire, it feels good to know that The Genius Shield™ can provide
    that extra safety to my staff during these uncertain times. 
    Another awesome thing about The Genius Shield™ is the quick and easy set up!"
    Dental Office Manager
  • "The Genius Shield™ is an excellent addition to the dental operatory and makes both the clinician and client feel well protected."
    Registered Dental Hygienist
  • "Innovative new technology that makes me feel safe. Adapting to the learning curve of The Genius Shield™ wasn’t too difficult."
    Registered Dental Hygienist
  • "Knowing that my team feels safe and confident behind The Genius Shield™ is an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. It keeps the patients safe and comfortable during their appointment. This makes me happy."
    Regional Manager

3 Simple Steps to Install Your Genius Shield™

1. Attach to Dental Chair
2. Place the Clear Shield
3. Connect HVE

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